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MMW Vlog 01: Paris

Hey guys! I recently launched my very own YouTube channel last April 1st so for those of you who haven’t had the chance to view it yet, here it is. I’m currently into travel vlogging and I really look up to those YouTubers who are able to capture their adventures in their own creative ways. So I took it upon myself to push my artistic pursuits further, and in order to do that, why not take my memory-keeping to the next level?

It’s been a year since our last Eurotrip and as a way of keeping it in my heart, I have put together a montage of our moments back in Paris (Amsterdam to follow). I terribly, terribly miss it everyday and I hope to go back next year. I was not into travel vlogging at that time so I failed to film footage in the other top attractions and the framing was still very amateur. Nevertheless, the details are in the description box and I plan on publishing posts dedicated to all the sites and museums we visited on our 8-day trip (super late, I know.)

Anyhoo, here goes. Tell me what you think!


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