Hey there! I’ve been failing miserably at doing weekly posts when I promised to do so. So for my Over 52 series, here’s a bit of backtracking for the past 3 months.

February (Week 6-9)

1. Binge-watched two of Netflix’s original series: Santa Clarita Diet, which stars Drew Barrymore as the undead and Timothy Olyphant as the ever supportive husband. Can I just say that I absolutely looooove this series! The cast ensemble has a totally wacky chemistry that makes the series so hilarious to watch and at the same time addictive. Can’t wait for season 2! And another Netflix Original, Brit Marling’s The OA, which is a sci-fi mystery drama about near-death experiences and fallen angels. Talk about weird. But nevertheless Kent and I are hooked and are eager to find out what happens in season 2.

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2.  Valentine’s Day 2017 – which you might have already seen on my IG stories/Instagram posts. The last Valentine’s we spent together was in 2013 so this year was quite special for the both of us. Kent surprised me with a bouquet of roses in bed, spent the day in our pajamas, ordered pizza, snapped some polaroids and watched Netflix all day. No fancy date, no problem.



3. Love Food Festival – another foodtruck event that me, Kent and our friends had the opportunity of checking out. I was from a tiring day shift that time so I wasn’t really able to enjoy the whole thing. But we were able to sample a little bit of what they had to offer so there’s that. (Will be posting a separate blog post for this featuring some of the foodtrucks/booths)



March (Week 10-13)

1. Beauty and the Beast – What can I say? Emma Watson was perfect and each scene was spectacular. And that side story about Belle’s mother? Genius! I just wished the Prince had more screentime after he and Belle got married, that way  we could have stared into his beautiful blue eyes a bit longer.  And oh, James Corden’s Crosswalk Musical version cracked me up so bad, I rolled over the floor laughing (well you get the picture).

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2. The Vampire Diaries – I never cried this MUCH watching the end of a series. After eight years of knowing the characters by heart, I’m happy to know that each one of them finally found peace. I’ll definitely miss the Mystic Falls crew.

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3. Attended this year’s International Neonatal Conference at Abu Dhabi. Hey, I’m still a nurse. LOL.


4. Sikka Art Fair – my favorite part of the month. When I learned that I was two days away from its last day, there is no way I can pass that up. Good thing I didn’t because the experience was worth the hassle (2 hours to and from Dubai, and would still be on day duty the next morning). Glad that my friends Krissa and Michael also agreed to check it out with me (thanks guys!). The art fair, held at Dubai’s old Bastakiya quarter was a part of Dubai’s Artweek and served as an initiative to showcase the country’s emerging art culture, as well as the neighboring GCC. My artsy soul couldn’t have been any happier. I’ll be posting a separate blog post for this too.


4. Impromptu videoke sessions – I’m always up for a night of booze and music (wait, that came out wrong). Well less drinking and more singing, that is. The Shamsi boys – Julius, Celo and Cliff invited Kent and me for an instant videoke night at their place and how could we refuse? Celo’s flying to the US soon so we needed all the bonding time we can get.


April (Week 14-18)

1. Series, Series, Series! Been a couch potato for the most of April but who could blame me? Here are the culprits:

13 Reasons Why – Wrote a lengthy review on this one. OMG.

Famous In Love – I’m surprised I kinda liked it. At first I only wanted to watch it because one: it’s I.Marlene King’s take on Rebecca Serle’s book, and two: it’s supposed to be a Gossip Girl derivative set in LA but to tell you honestly, I was intrigued especially who Paige is gonna choose in the season’s cliffhanger ending – Rainer or Jake.

#Girlboss – Netflix and Britt Robertson – great combo! Britt’s flawless as the show’s protagonist. She’s not the usual heroine because throughout the show you might love/hate her but I think that’s how the creators want the viewers to feel. She’s perfectly relatable for all of us, modern-day princesses. Seriously can’t wait for Season 2.

Pretty Little Liars – Sad to say the last few episodes are upon us but not sadder than the fact that it’s kinda dragging at this point. I miss the tension, the suspense and the realistic twists that the previous seasons offered. I just wish I wouldn’t be disappointed with how the show wraps up this month.

Riverdale – #Bughead shipper here. I take back what I said about the show being the shallow version of the comics. I was totally wrong because it kinda looks promising now. Not totally up my alley yet, but getting there.

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2. RAK Weekend – Had the opportunity to mix business with pleasure during a Neonatal Lecture sponsored by Wyeth held at Ras Al Khaimah last April 21-22. Aside from the earned knowledge, we had free hotel accommodation at a five-star hotel Double Tree Hiton Resort and Spa at Marjan Island, and Kent got to tag along. Beach plus friends turned into a much-needed staycation. (Special thanks to Ate Alona, Ate Myce, Ate Che and Ate Richie)


3.  Celo’s Fourth of July Farewell Party – Goodbyes are the hardest especially if you’re bidding one to a dear friend. But more of a see-you-soon version, because after all, we would be ending up in the same continent soonest (God-willing!). The dinner party consisted of food, food and more food! Of course there was a heartfelt farewell video too, as well as messages and going-away gifts. The next day was more about reminiscing shared memories by the pool, which was just as heartwarming to say the least. We wish Celo nothing but the best on his new adventure.


4. Ate Eunice’s Luau Send-off Party – Again, we bid goodbye to another member of the NNU team, a great ate and colleague, Ate Eunice. What better way to send her off to her retirement than a splashing hawaiian-inspired party complete with polynesian dancers!


Well there you have it, life update done! Thanks for stopping by!

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