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Macau in Photos: Why I Fell in Love

In my previous post, I talked about where my travel adventures started. This time around, I’m going to tell you why I fell in love with it.


This is MACAU, A Photo Diary.


The first time I fell in love with a place was when I’ve stepped foot on Macau’s cobblestone roads.


The Ruins of St. Paul is Macau’s most famous historical landmark.


Mama and Papa, lookin’ groovy.


I fell in love with this place, more so with this person next to me.


My everything.


These portuguese egg tarts are to die for, a must-try in Macau!


Na Tcha Temple, Macau 2011.


When in Macau, temple-hopping is a must.


Tired but happy.


A-Ma Temple, Macau 2011.


By the way, Kent is part-Chinese so this tour is mostly for him.


Favorite photo of Mama.


Macau is full of charming corners, getting lost is a joy.


When old meets new.


Kent found his favorite oriental snack – beef jerky.


This experience made me discover my love for exploring new places.


Romeo and Juliet minus the tragedy.


Time for some ice cream!


This ice cream guy is quite the attraction himself, see all these photos taken with the tourists!


Restless feet.


As if Macau can’t get any prettier, these colorful murals took us by surprise.


His Brandon Boyd pose.


What’s a trip to Macau without dropping by the Casinos?


This city has a way of drawing you to come back. Well, someday.


This place will always be in my heart. Macau, you were my first love.



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