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MMW Vlog 02: Rome

I recently uploaded a new travel video on my YouTube Channel – Day One in the Eternal City, Rome. It’s such a dream come true to finally have the perfect Italian summer holiday with my favorite travel buddy. For ten days, we toured nine cities in Italy and even made a side trip to the vibrant Spanish city, Barcelona.

It’s been five months since I last made a video on Adobe Premiere and it felt like I’m being introduced to a new stranger all over again. I practically burned the midnight oil last night but didn’t even get half of it done. I spent most of the day finishing it up and putting on the final touches.

I won’t describe all the places we went to on this post because I’ll be blogging more about our Italian trip in detail soon on a separate blog post. I got a lot of posts planned and lined up that’ll cover our entire Eurotrip 2017. In the meantime, here’s Part One of the Rome Vlogs. I wouldn’t really want to use the term “vlog” because I was never quite the chatty type during filming. I’ve always been shy about public speaking so naturally, voiceovers are the next best option.

I do hope you’ll like this one and the rest that’s about to come. Feel free to drop me a comment or two, I’d really love to hear from you guys.


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