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Café Xela

Coffee and friends make the perfect blend.     —Anonymous

How do you spend a perfect rainy afternoon? At a cute cafe, with a cup of yummy latte and a good book plus company of friends you’ve known since kindergarten days! Agree? Definitely yes!

You see, I’ve been home for a week now and barely left the house. It’s been raining nonstop and honestly, I miss it after living in the sandpit for years. It is quite refreshing to hear the sound of droplets against the glass windows and the smell of petrichor that engulfs the atmosphere. It stirs up a lot of feelings – from melancholy to serene bliss, from longing to celebrating. But being home for me is not just about revisiting old places and meeting old acquaintances, it’s more like being reintroduced to your old self and being happy in the fact that some things never change.

My Grade School barkada and I might not talk everyday over the years but when we get together for the first time in forever, it’s like being our goofy 12-year old selves, eating during recess together and planning our next lakwatsa. Jan Van who’s based in Singapore is also home so together with Argee, Kate and Delan, we all decided to meet at Café Xela, a small rustic cafe owned by our grade school classmate Tintin’s family in our hometown.

If you happen to be in San Jose, Antique,  come and pass by Café Xela where a cup of coffee always equates to a happy day. Personally, I loved the overall feel of the space – the high ceilings give off a wide, airy ambiance and the rustic elements combined with minimal decor would just make you fall in love with the place. My instant fave? Matcha latte, a definite must-try!

Our gloomy Friday afternoon instantly turned into a mini reunion and catching up over coffee and pastries, plus an instant mini photo shoot. It was truly an afternoon well-spent. We might lead separate lives now but deep down our hearts will always belong here – to real friends, to home.


Always love,



CAFÉ XELA is located beside Pinnacle Suites, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique and opens from Monday to Saturday from 11AM – 7PM.


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