Open Door Bookshop

What’s your staple place to visit whenever you travel? Me? Bookshops! I try to locate at least one in each city that we visit so prior to our Italian holiday, I had two bookshops in mind – Rome’s Open Door Bookshop and Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta (which I will be making a separate post for very soon). I had to research for bookshops all over Rome that’s not too far from the sites and attractions that we’ll be visiting. The Open Door Bookshop stood out the most since its location is in Rome’s picture perfect neighborhood, Trastevere. In a way, it resembled Paris’ Shakespeare & Company (in my opinion).

Its washed-out, timeworn facade gives off an impression that it has been around for decades and it actually has – more than 30 years to be exact. Just so gorgeous! But the moment I stepped inside was an entirely different story.

I fell in love with it instantly! Volumes of antiquarian books line the Tuscan-inspired walls that reach up to the ceiling. There are a myriad of books in different languages – English, Italian, French, Spanish – both old and new. The shop itself is not that big of a space. Once you get inside, there’s one big room with books on the shelves, on desks and tables, even in baskets outside the door. Then you will be led into a small study with surprise, surprise, more books! It’s every bibliophile’s dream!

True to its name, The Open Door Bookshop extends its warm welcome not just to locals but to tourists and visitors alike. Its inviting presence is not just felt through its four walls but also through its little knick-knacks and treasures. It’s also nice to know that they accept secondhand books and sell them to new owners, wherein stories clipped in its old pages would somehow be passed on and will be part of history forever.

I didn’t get to bring home a book because I I didn’t think I had enough time to browse through the shop’s vast collection, but I bought myself a nice tote bag with the Open Bookshop insignia. Nevertheless, I was one happy bookworm for a good few minutes in her magic wonderland.


Till the next bookish adventure,


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