A Space I Could Call My Own

Hey guys!

I’m so proud to present to you the new and improved Marian Meets World! Yey! After spending long hours in front of the computer, researching about the inner-workings of the blogging world and learning about themes, widgets, plugins and whatnots, I finally managed to snag my OWN little corner of the internet – my own blog under my own domain! Though I still have a lot to learn (analytics, site traffic, SEO’s – I honestly don’t have a clue about all these), I’m really ecstatic to share my adventures with you. This site’s gonna be about everything under the stars – travels, poetry, books, art. Basically, it’s gonna be my digital scrapbook. I’ve also imported posts from my old wordpress account for you to backread if you want.

My heart is racing right now just seeing these words on screen. You see, blogging is not for the faint of heart. It takes guts to put your world out there for everyone to see, and a whole lotta creativity to make it work. My blogging adventures started way, way back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth (Oh circa 2009 emo self comes to mind). But then when you’re consumed by your passion, there’s nothing really left for the heart to decide on. And so I choose this. I hope in some way or another, I could inspire others to do the same.


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Hello, October!



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