This page will contain random notes, lists and announcements on a day-to-day basis. 

Hey guys, I decided to let go of my Sunday Currently Series because one: I could barely publish weekly posts as I am a lazy cat, and two: I feel like I owe my blog something a little bit more customized, on a more personal level I should say so I hope to come up with something pretty unique soon.

On the other hand, Life Lately would still go live every now and then just to update you on what’s going on, what keeps me busy and fueled up. Cheers to more ideas and adventures along the way! – 18/11/16


If you have more suggestions, feel free to drop me a message. — 30/10/16

Got loads of stuff to write about including some new ideas for past travel posts. I’m thinking about including our complete itinerary with tips and guides in between, some amateur photography as well, but it’s gonna be a tiresome feat for sure. Then I have ideas about what to include in my Lifestyle page, or it can be more of an Interests page since it will incorporate my love and passion for books, films, art/design and diy crafts. I feel like my head’s gonna burst with post prospects but I know I’ve got to slow down somehow.

Life is funny and challenging and wonderful and I just need something to remind me of it all in the long run. So yes, you’ll be taking a peek into my “semi-amazing kind of” life as I document every thought, adventure, experience and shenanigan. — 30/10/16

Posts that I need to finish:

MMWTravelogues for Budapest / Brussels / Singapore / Hong Kong / Macau

Philippines – Pinto Art Museum / National Museum / Intramuros

Itinerary guides for Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam Trip / Central Europe Trip

Book Reviews – sort of

DIY crafts / lettering artworks post